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How to use a portable power station as a backup battery?

by 丶Zard on Sep 07, 2022

Comment utiliser une centrale électrique portable comme batterie de secours ?

Many people think outdoor power supply is just camping exclusively. The truth is, it's also a master of multifunctional use. Let's take a look at these "hidden identities" of portable power stations.

Extreme times

Many people must still remember the extreme winter in the United States last year. The cold weather continued to wreak havoc in Texas. Many Texas residents suffered power and heat outages for several days during the cold snap and had to seek shelter from friends and neighbors or hide in their cars. And the state power grid has been offline for a long time.

So a key part of preparing for blizzards or extreme cold is making sure you have enough of what you need to survive if you can't get to a store. A blizzard survival kit should include non-perishable food, drinking water (since your pipes can freeze), and basic medical supplies.

Here are some good foods to keep on hand for a blizzard:

  • 5 days supply of drinking water
  • Trail Mix
  • Canned Soup
  • Peanut butter
  • Protein Bars
  • Dry dough
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Canned beans (great for protein)
  • Jerky
  • Animal Food

When preparing for a blizzard, the goal is to give yourself the ability to be completely self-sufficient for a few days if you need to. A big part of that is making sure you have a reliable backup power source.

But generators are expensive, noisy, and extremely dangerous to keep in your home. That's why you should consider getting a portable power station from Crafuel instead.

Our power stations are available in different sizes, so you can choose one that meets your energy needs.

Outdoor Adventures

Travel photography enthusiasts know that the more desolate the place, the more beautiful the landscape and the more fascinating it is. The Gobi, the desert, the no man's land or the polar regions are fascinating. Besides, with no high-rise buildings and no power poles in the city, there are no obstacles in photographing the landscape, especially the starry sky. However, the problem also followed. A lot of shooting equipment and communication facilities, such as mobile phones, cameras, aerial drones, etc., cannot be charged without charging facilities. The feeling of looking at the beautiful scenery but not being able to take pictures suffers.

Choosing the right portable powerhouse for your outdoor photography adventure is all about understanding your personal needs. The main decision you need to make is how much power you need and this will depend on how much gear you bring with you and how long your journey is. It will be much easier for you to capture your vision of any outdoor location you visit if you have the right equipment with you.

Field Operations

The far field is often a site of geological exploration, so the complex geographical environment also endangers the personal safety of geological prospectors. When exploring specific addresses in the field, encountering emergencies is inevitable. Therefore, the purpose of field rescue is to save lives and reduce economic loss. Remember that the best opportunity for rescue should not be missed.

At present, for some professional and sophisticated rescue tools, portable power stations play an essential role in personnel search, rescue and treatment. Escort the safety of geological prospectors.

Furthermore, many frontline conservationists work in the most inaccessible extreme environments. Eating a bite of hot food and an electric blanket for warmth are their simple but urgent needs. Portable power stations could provide electricity for daily cooking, lighting, and heating to the guardian of the earth.